One of Catholic Health Australia's main tasks is to advocate on behalf of its members -- 75 private and public hospitals and more than 550 aged care service providers. That work falls into four general categories. Click on the links below to access submissions, policy papers and reports produced by Catholic Health Australia in each of the following areas:

CHA Health Blueprint

Hundreds of thousands of Australians are suffering from ill health because health reforms implemented in recent years aren't having an impact on their lives. Catholic Health Australia CEO Martin Laverty says it's time for political parties to get serious about improving the health of all Australians.

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) today released its Health Blueprint, which outlines six key priorities for how ongoing health reform can be effective and reach those seemingly untouched by previous reforms.

Click here to access the Health Blueprint

The six priorities are:

• Address the social determinants of health in order to reduce the gap in health outcomes between the most and least disadvantaged;

• Increased focus on preventative health and health promotion;

• Strengthening primary and community care;

• Improved integration and transition – from silos to a system;

• Facilitate consumer engagement, empowerment and resourcing;

• Reform health system governance.

The inFORMATION project

In August 2009, CHA's members adopted a three-year Strategic Plan, in which the sector agreed to give priority to "...identifying what is required for the long term effectiveness of the Catholic health and aged care sector".

inFORMATION was established to define the sector and its diverse and unique needs and characteristics, and what it considers to be "effectiveness" in a Catholic and context, and to assess how the sector can be more effective and thrive towards 2020 and beyond.

Catholic Mission remains at the centre of the project, and finance, service delivery and business issues have all be framed within the context the Mission imperative.

CHA launched the full and final inFORMATION report to members at the National Conference in Adelaide, 23-25 August 2010.

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