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Statement of Nicolas George Mersiades

Nick Mersiades, Aged Care Director, was requested by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety to provide a Statement which provided information on aged care matters set out in a notice received from the Commission.  A copy of the Statement provided by Nick Mersiades can be accessed at this link.

Pre-Budget Submission 2019-2020

Dear Senator,

I write in response to your invitation for submissions concerning priorities for the 2019-20 Budget.

As Australia’s largest non-government provider grouping of health and aged care services, providing care to all those who seek it in fulfilment of the Catholic Church’s mission, Catholic Health Australia and Catholic service providers have a vital interest in policies aimed at ensuring the sustainable provision of aged care services that meet community expectations for safety and quality of care and quality of life.

Please follow this link to read the submission.

Response to Home Care Pricing Transparency and Comparability Consultation Paper

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) appreciates the opportunity to provide comment on the Home Care Pricing Transparency and Comparability Consultation Paper. A working group representing Catholic Health Australia members met to consider the issues raised and the following comments are provided as a means of supporting consumer choice of home care services.

Please follow this link to read the submission.

Submission to ACFA Respite Care Consultation Paper

The Australian Government’s original objective in subsidising consumer access to respite services was to delay or avoid the need for more costly permanent residential aged care by giving informal carers a break from caring duties, including relief in case of emergencies, and giving consumers more opportunity for socialisation and a break from their usual care arrangements.

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Aged Care Workforce Strategy Taskforce Online Survey Response to Survey Questions

An aged care workforce strategy matters because, if properly designed and executed, it will contribute to the capacity of aged care providers to attract and retain a sufficient supply of appropriately qualified and motivated employees to meet the increasingly complex care and support needs of Australia’s rapidly growing aged population.

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CHA Submission to House of Reps Inquiry into Quality of Care in Aged Care Homes - February 2017

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) represents the largest owner grouping of health and aged care services in Australia. The Catholic sector embraces 66 hospitals, eight dedicated hospices with palliative care services and over 550 aged care services.

Please follow this link to read the submission.

Aged Care Pre-Budget Submission 2018-19

Catholic Health Australia submits that a priority for the 2018-19 budget is the Government's response to the recommendations of the Legislated Review of Aged Care, a mid-term report by David Tune AO PSM on the implementation of the Living Longer Living Better (LLLB) package of the aged care reforms.

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Submission regarding an integrated care at home program to support older Australians

To assist with planning for the Government's intention to create a single home care and support program by combining home care packages and the Commonwealth Home Support Program, the Department issued the discussion paper, Future Reform - Towards an Integrated Care at Home Program, for public consultation. 

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Submission to ACFA in response to its discussion paper reviewing the Bond Guarantee Scheme

Catholic Health Australia's  (ACFA) discussion paper, The Protection of Residential Aged Care Lump Sum Payments, which reviews the Bond Guarantee Scheme and alternatives to it.

CHA recommends the continuation of the current Bond Guarantee Scheme, supported by appropriate prudential governance and reporting standards. It is a simple and cost effective means of protecting residents’ lump sum deposits and ensuring that the sector continues to have access to a vital source of capital.

Please follow this link to read the submission.

Pre-Budget 2017-18 Submission (Aged Care)

CHA's submission to Minister for Small Business Hon Michael McCormack MP, urging the Government to take action in its 2017-18 Budget to improve older Australians access to home care packages that match their assessed needs – to be achieved by stepping up the release of new home care places and assigning packages to individuals as prioritised by MyAgedCare.
Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Suzanne Greenwood, is disappointed that the Government’s policy to increase the overall target provision ratio to 125 operational aged care places per 1,000 people aged 70 and over by 2021-22 and increasing the target ratio for home care packages to 45, announced in the 2012-13 Budget, has seen little progression.
Please follow this link to read the submission.  
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