Health Management: Q&A with Dr Peter Steer - Leading the Mater Group into a new era

Issue 89 - Autumn 2019: This edition was talk with Dr Peter Steer, new Chief Executive Officer appointed to the Mater Group, about his health care career: click here.

End of Life Care: VAD response taskforce releases new clinical governance framework

Issue 89 - Autumn 2019: Our special Catholic Health Australia taskforce has released a Clinical Governance Framework in response to voluntary assisted dying legislation in Victoria: click here.

End of Life Care: Palliative Care in the Catholic Sector

Issue 89 - Autumn 2019: Hear from CHA's consultant researcher, Dr Ellen Marks, about the findings of the Palliative Care in the Catholic Sector report released March 2019: click here.

Ethics: The future of Catholic bioethics in Australia

Issue 89 - Autumn 2019: Rev Dr Joseph Parkinson STL PhD MAICD outlines the recommendations of the bioethics stakeholders as we grapple with the future of bioethics in Australia: click here.

Research: The Catholic Hospital - Understanding the Patient's Experience

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: "Being clinically excellent is not only 'not enough' for patients, it is not what they value as part of the patient experience" - Learn all about understanding the patient's experience of the Catholic Hospital in this article by Professor Keith McNaught and Dr Geoffrey Shaw: click here.

Aged Care: Best practice community health and wellness for older Australians

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: Southern Cross Care's personal health and wellness programs for older Australians prove you are never too old to benefit from exercise: click here.

Diabetes: Diabetes research could reset life-forecast for teens

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: In this article, learn how celebrated researcher, Professor Josephine Forbes, Mater Research, is on a mission to disrupt the impact of diabetes on kidney and heart health: click here.

Drugs: How Should the Church respond to addictions?

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: Read Dr Alex Wodak's presentation to the November 2018 Health Conference in Rome on 'Drugs and Addictions - An Obstacle to Integral Human Development': click here.

Cancer: A little drug called exercise changing cancer care

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: Associate Professor Prue Cormie is on a mission to improve the lives of millions of cancer patients around the world by turning cancer care on its head through exercise: click here.

Aged Care: Mercy - a showcase for innovation in aged care

Issue 88 - Summer 2018/19: Mercy Health is striving to make the transition from home into aged care easier with the introduction of a community-centred approach to aged care living: click here.

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