The inFORMATION project

In August 2009, CHA's members adopted a three-year Strategic Plan, in which the sector agreed to give priority to "...identifying what is required for the long term effectiveness of the Catholic health and aged care sector".

inFORMATION was established to define the sector and its diverse and unique needs and characteristics, and what it considers to be "effectiveness" in a Catholic and context, and to assess how the sector can be more effective and thrive towards 2020 and beyond.

Catholic Mission remains at the centre of the project, and finance, service delivery and business issues have all be framed within the context the Mission imperative.

CHA launched the full and final inFORMATION report to members at the National Conference in Adelaide, 23-25 August 2010.

Delegates were invited to discuss the findings and explore the shape of Catholic care in Australia over the next 10 years and beyond.

More than 50 organisational members of Catholic Health Australia gathered in Melbourne in December 2010 for the CHA General Meeting, to explore options for the future of Catholic care arising from the inFORMATION Report. Ahead of the General Meeting, the CHA Stewardship Board met and formally accepted the Pricewaterhouse Coopers inFORMATION report. The Board did not endorse all the recommendations made by PwC, but did put forward to the General Meeting of the Association eight of the 10 specific proposals for members of the CHA Association to debate and consider.

A summary of the outcomes of the Association General meeting can be found here.

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