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Catholic Health Australia (CHA) has produced high quality resources to support the work of mission and identity formation and leadership in the Catholic health and aged care sector. The resources are also suitable for use in the community services, education and other Catholic ministries.

We are making a special offer of a ‘mission bundle purchase’ of the complete set of books which have a mission and identity focus.

  • Recruitment Fit for Mission                                         
  • Formation for Mission                                                   
  • Language at the Heart of Mission                             
  • Evaluating the Impact of Formation                        
  • Strengthening our Catholic Mission and Identity
  • Mission Discernment
  • The Role of the Mission Leader in Catholic health and Aged care

This bundle of resources addresses questions of strategic planning for mission, recruitment with a mission focus, how to go about formation for mission and identity, and how to evaluation effectiveness of mission formation. This is a complete outline of the mission and identity formation cycle.

To learn more about the resources in the ‘mission bundle’ go to our website to review our publications.

Normally to purchase these essential tool kit books would be Member total: $130.00 (Catholic Group for GST) for those outside this GST group $147.00 Non-member: $205.00.

Buy the mission bundle and save. $95 for CHA members in the Catholic GST group and plus GST for the other members. $170 for the Non-CHA members. Plus $10 postage for non-members.

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