Tier Two Training Overview

The primary aim of the CHA Tier Two Training Program is to provide guidance and knowledge to assist Tier Two representatives from CHA member organisations to make complex and difficult decisions in situations that arise in response to Victorian ‘Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD)’ legislation. Participants will engage in discussions of ethical principles, legal parameters of relevant legislation, and work through case studies as a group considering both the ethical and legal frameworks. The training endeavours to cover the decision making components of the clinical governance framework including:

- Management of complex cases;
- Partnerships with relevant stakeholders;
- Management of risks;
- How and where to seek expert advice as required;
- Upon completion of the training participants will have engaged in:

- In depth application of the Catholic ethic of care in end of life care;
- In depth analysis of the VAD legislation and its implications for our services, including in complex cases;
- Critical discussion of complex case guidance, incorporating clinician, ethical and legal advice;

For more information please contact CHA at secretariat@cha.org.au

Members from States other than Victoria may find the training useful. Part One considers ethical principles in response to VAD and Part Two considers the law and regulations as it pertains to Victoria.