Outcomes focused, value based healthcare

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) welcomes the recent release of the Australian Healthcare and Hospital Association’s (AHHA) blueprint of Australia’s healthcare system for a post-2020 National Health Agreement.

The report entitled ‘Healthy people, healthy systems’ highlights the importance of promoting outcomes-focused and value-based healthcare and re-orienting health services to ensure care is available and accessible to all Australians.

“Catholic Health Australia is a fierce advocate for expanding access to health care for all people and so echoes the AHHA call for a more transparent and unified health system that places the patient at the centre of their interactions with the healthcare system”, said Catholic Health Australia (CHA) Chief Executive Suzanne Greenwood.

“Consumers risk facing a progressively complex and siloed system as the Australian health sector expands to meet the increasing needs of an ageing population which is experiencing greater rates of chronic disease. Reform is needed over the next 10 years to create a simplified, more efficient system that prioritises the needs of the patient.”

“The proposal of establishing a national independent health authority is an idea to explore further, bearing in mind the need to reduce complexity and bureaucracy in the current multi-tiered system.”

“The adoption of better reporting and information sharing practices leading to more standardized and comparable data collection methods is another step, towards ensuring more transparency and efficiency” said Mrs Greenwood. “CHA member hospitals and health services would engage in consultative processes to implement this, whilst also working to preserve equitable practice across both the public and private healthcare systems.”

“The report addresses some of the fundamental structural problems that have become ingrained in Australia’s healthcare system. AHHA is to be congratulated on taking a long-term, forward thinking approach in a climate that is so often focused on the immediate here and now”, said Mrs Greenwood.

“CHA hopes that policy makers hear the call of AHHA and leading government bodies, such as the Australian Government Productivity Commission, and take steps to implement structural change that will ensure Australia’s healthcare system remains one of the best in the world.”




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