Helping seniors to # KeepCosy

KeepCosyLike Catholic Health Australia  and many of its members, CatholicCare Sydney wants to  make sure all people, including those most vulnerable feel supported and valued irrespective of age, beliefs and abilities, particularly during COVID.

So they were delighted when a group of generous women, led by Kay from Mount Gilead Estate near Campbelltown, took up a challenge to spread care and cosy-ness in the community by knitting blankets for CatholicCare’s Seniors Home Care clients right across Sydney.

Picking up their knitting needles and yarn, they’re producing colourful squares by the hundreds. Each blanket is hand wrapped for clients and takes dozens of hours to create.

CatholicCare’s General Manager Home Care, Kerryn Tutt calls it the #keepcosy campaign and said the care for our seniors has never been more needed that right now.

“At CatholicCare my team look after seniors who are living in their own homes and wanting to maintain their independence with some support of people from CatholicCare to give them extra help,” Ms Tutt says.

“So we obviously see a lot of people in the community who are, particularly at the moment really socially isolating, wanting to stay in their own home and remain safe.

“I’ve been really touched that through these beautiful blankets this amazing group of women are doing something incredibly practical, at the same time really spreading the message that we care. I know this is also warming the hearts of those who receive them.”

Kay first met Kerryn from previously working at Campbelltown Private Hospital.

“We’re working on a label to go on them as well we want to make them special for those who receive them,” Kay said. She added that the initiative has snowballed but despite plans to knit up to 800 blankets her team are not daunted in the least.

“I’m Barbara and I’ve been here at Mount Gilead estate for 10 years and in that whole time I’ve been involved in the knitting group.

“I’ve been knitting since I was 8 years old. For me, these acts of kindness also give you a feeling of worth that you are bringing some love and care to someone else. It’s also a material thing that they can actually cherish.”

June agrees. “For me, it’s just about people being kind to each other and that makes all the difference to your day. I think small acts of kindness like this stay with others for weeks.”

Joan has been knitting for 60 years. “I sew up and join the squares, mixing the colours together so they look nice. We’re not daunted by how many we’re going to do; we just keep doing it because we know it’s for a good cause.”

Glenys has been knitting since she was 10 years old. “I think it brings joy to the person who is doing the knitting but also to the person who is receiving it”.

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