Greater Collaboration Will Deliver Mission

Catholic health and aged care has a gift to the world – the healing ministry of Jesus – a promise of love, care and compassion for all. But how can we ensure that Catholic health providers in Australia can fulfil their mission?

Q&A with Dr Shane Kelly and Annette Panzera, CHA Director of Health Policy

Dr Shane Kelly is an accomplished leader in and strong advocate for adopting technology to improve diagnosis, treatment and efficiency in the hospital sector. In June he took the reins as Group CEO of St John of God Health Care. 

Palliative Care - fighting for quality of life

At the CHA National Conference, palliative care specialist, Associate Professor Mark Boughey made a simple plea for the future- to ensure patients feel safe, valued, understood and heard. But dying in peace is not so simple. Read why in Health Matters forum feature.

Be Brave About Change

Kate (Catherine) Birrell was just 12 years old when she decided her life’s work would be caring for others in the healing tradition of the Catholic Church. After 54 years of extraordinary dedication to nursing, and no signs of slowing down, she shares insights into her journey.

Aged Care: Individual Needs Must Be at the Heart of Change

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) stands with the community, saddened by the failure to provide person-centred care in cases aired on ABC’s Four Corners program this evening.

Catholic Health Australia supports Royal Commission into Aged Care

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) supports Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s call for a Royal Commission into aged care so that the future of care for Australia’s elderly can be properly and independently addressed. 

Reflections as an ethicist and moral theologian on issues/challenges in the health sector in the last 40 years

CHA Panel Presentation
Cormac Nagle OFM, August 2018

The suggested starting date was my sabbatical as a post-doctoral fellow at Catholic University of America. My supervisor was Professor Charles Curran of some notoriety at the time because of his approach to the Encyclical Humanae Vitae on contraception.

Fr Gerald Arbuckle CHA National Conference 2018 address

Someone once wrote that we should not look back at the past because that would lead to depression. Nor to the future, for that will lead to anxiety! I cannot agree with this gloomy reflection. By reflecting on our Catholic health and aged care ministries in the past, we are inspired to look to the future by the lives of countless people who have served this ministry so faithfully and creatively.

New Report Exposes A Long Queue For Home Care Packages & Need For Doubling Of Effort

The long queue of 108k older Australians needing home care packages revealed in the latest quarterly report from the Health Department should be taken as a challenge to double-down on wider systemic reform.

Assisted Suicide Bill A Distraction From Shamefully Inadequate Palliative Care

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) and its members are deeply concerned that Senator David Leyonhjelm’s proposed “Restoring Territory Rights (Assisted Suicide Legislation) Bill 2015” serves to distract from the shameful reality of inadequate access to palliative and End of Life care in this country, contributing to a widespread fear of death and dying.

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