The first meeting of the newly formed CHA Leader Formation Taskforce was held in August 2013. The Taskforce was established in response to the mandate given at the April CHA Governance Conference. The CHA Leader Formation Taskforce represents the diversity of CHA membership and levels of governance and leadership responsibility. It will have a central role in designing the components of the CHA Leader Formation Strategy and overseeing their implementation.


The meeting provided the opportunity for Taskforce members to be introduced to one another and to appreciate the areas of expertise and interest each person brings. The Taskforce Terms of Reference (TOR) were approved. For details of the TOR and membership, click here.

In November 2013, CHA launched Pathways, the new name for the work that will be carried out by the Leader Formation Taskforce -- now known as the Pathways Taskforce -- over a number of years. Early steps will be to identify priorities and timelines for a range of possible initiatives. Data needs to be gathered about the number of people likely to be needed in key governance and leadership roles. A gap analysis needs to be conducted to identify areas where members would most benefit from the development of new initiatives. These and other steps will be considered in the articulation of several phases of work. The Taskforce recognises the need to be constantly alert to the emerging context of health and aged care service delivery in both the planning and implementation stages.

It was agreed that regular communication to CHA members would be essential to achieving the goals of the Taskforce, so CHA has launched a dedicated Pathways website. A report will be provided in the CHA Newsletter following each meeting and shared via the Pathways website.