christian conscienceChristian Conscience is designed to guide health care practitioners through moral situations in an increasingly complex world.

Written by Father Norman Ford, one of Australia's leading theologians and ethicists, the book explores the challenges presented to practitioners of Catholic health and aged care by emerging moral and ethical dilemmas posed by the rapid introduction of new medical technologies.


aged care contemporary practiceThis publication seeks to highlight to all who work in Catholic health, community and aged care the value this ministry and these practitioners bring not just to the patients, residents and clients but to their families, carers, staff and, indeed, the spirit of the facility itself. This publication provides a greater insight into and understanding of the unique value pastoral services brings to our ministry of healing.


On Being PastoralThis is the fourth booklet in a series produced by CHA to provide easily read resources for staff formation and education. It offers a refreshing yet confirming series of insights into the pastoral dynamic at the heart of a healing and caring relationship.


Crafting Catholic IdentityIn this work, Fr Gerry Arbuckle sm provides a comprehensive overview of the many approaches to Catholic identity and offers a direction for organisations grappling with identification in a post-modern world. Readers will discover a font of wisdom seldom compiled in such a succinct and readable fashion.


Ministering to People with DementiaMinistering to People with Dementia: A Pastoral Guide, produced by Catholic Health Australia in cooperation with Alzheimer's Australia, is a practical handbook for the spiritual care of people with dementia. The guide has been written expressly for those working in parish settings to assist in the provision of spiritual care of parishioners with dementia both at home and in residential care within the local community.


End of Life IssuesHuman life is not just a physiological state but an existential reality. The experience of suffering, diminishment and death are not welcome but accepted as limits of humanity.

Click here to download the End-of-Life Issues brochure

These brochures are designed to help patients and their carers understand palliative care. They are available in four languages, and can be downloaded either as a double-sided single A4 sheet, or as a six-page full sized document.

Greek - Click here for the small format brochure and click here for the large format brochure

Italian - Click here for the small format brochure and click here for the large format brochure

Polish - Click here for the small format brochure and click here for the large format brochure

To order free high-quality printed copies of the Palliative Care brochure in English, please contact Deborah Reynolds on 02 6203 2777

Nutrition HydrationThis briefing note explains the  background and context for Pope John Paul II's statement on nutrition and hydration, the key points made by the Pope and the implications of his statement for Catholic health care professionals in Australia.

Click here to download the Briefing Note on the Obligation to provide Nutrition and Hydration

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