What are the challenges of mission in a secular world?

Respecting Differences: the Challenge of Mission in a Diverse world Part1 and Part 2

“Spiritual, but not religious,” is one of the catchcries of our time. Fr Michael Whelan understands this sentiment and sees a way through for Catholic health and aged care.

In this two-part episode, Fr Michael Whelan, SM, offers a way of embracing the diversity and complexity of human life and experiences encountered by Catholic services as they care for all they encounter -- staff, patients and residents. He offers a four-fold focus on relationships as a means of remaining true to the Catholic vision while respecting differing ways of seeing and living life. He reflects on creating a genuinely healing environment in the context of diverse approaches to religion, spirituality, life and its meaning.

Signs of the Times

Stewards of the Mission: Sr Annette Cunliffe from CatholicHealthAustralia on Vimeo.

Sr Annette Cunliffe reflects on the changing demographics in society, in the Church and in staff and what this means for governance and continuing the mission.

Filmed at the Stewards of the Mission Governance Conference, then President of Catholic Religious Australia, Sr Annette Cunliffe reflects on the immense changes going on within the Catholic Church in terms of church attendance, the changing ethnic and aged groups attending church and the changing nature of the Catholic clergy in Australia. Sr Annette then reflects on changes within religious orders and changes that have been made to secure good governance and stewardship in the future. Sr Annette reflects on some of the changes that have been happening including amalgamations, reconfigurations and the move to PJPs as ways of governing into the future. Sr Annette sees the ongoing formation of leaders in Catholic health and aged care and access to formation resources as vital for the future of the mission of Catholic health and aged care.