What is Catholic identity?

The Practice of Catholic Identity Part 1 and Part 2

Rev Dr David Ranson unpacks what Catholic identity looks and feels like in Catholic hospitals and aged care facilities.

In this two-part episode, Broken Bay Diocese Priest and faculty member of the Catholic Institute of Sydney, Fr David Ranson addresses the source of Catholic identity, found in the healing ministry of Jesus, and then talks about how this translates to the practice of identity in Catholic facilities. He discusses the importance of identity in terms of both memory and future possibilities and why we need the two dimensions. Fr David talks about the importance of symbols which go to the heart of our identity and which when used appropriately can be inclusive of all who comes to our facilities for care.

Catholic Identities

Fr Gerry Arbuckle challenges the notion of “Catholic identity” and argues that there are “Catholic identities.” Ongoing formation for leaders is vital if we are to be more than “Catholic” in name only.

Filmed at the Stewards of the Mission governance conference (2013), priest, author and Christian anthropologist Fr Gerry Arbuckle examines the idea of Catholic identity and makes the case that Church organisations should rather talk about Catholic identities. Ongoing formation and retelling of our founding stories (refounding) is essential for future. Without ongoing formation of our leaders we will lose our Catholic ethos and be “Catholic” in name only.