Why is the Catholic Church involved in health and aged care?

The living presence of God Part 1 and Part 2

The Church is in the world as the living presence of the love of God who leans down to every human weakness in order to gather it into the embrace of his mercy” (Pope St John Paul II). Find out how the church does this through its health and aged care ministries.

In this two part episode, Bishop Eugene Hurley discusses that the Church is in the world as a living presence of the love of God for each and every person. The Church exists to be the eyes, the ears and the hands of Jesus. Each and every person is sacred. Through the Catholic Church’s ministries in health and aged care, the Church can be a loving presence for all people regardless of their background, particularly in times when people are sick, frail and vulnerable.

Healing Ministries are needed more than ever: the signs of our times

So many people are looking for meaning – Catholic health and aged care ministries are more relevant than ever for individuals and communities.

Recorded at a CHA Stewards of the Mission Conference, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference President Archbishop Denis Hart speaks about the challenges Catholic organisations face in a changing world, but also the great opportunities that those changes creates. Archbishop Hart discusses the role of the church’s ministries in areas such as health, social services, aged care and education as being appreciated by all people of goodwill. The healing ministries are needed more than ever to help individuals, communities and the world. Archbishop Hart outlines 5 key areas for the future: 1) being faithful to our purpose; 2) communicating genuine compassion and care; 3) provision of appropriate formation; 4) to respond especially to those whose needs are overlooked by our society; and 5) to explore possibilities with other Catholic services in responding to challenges particularly in formation.